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How To Fix Your Air Conditioner When It Is Leaking Water

A small amount of water dripping from your air conditioner is normal. When you live in a hot and humid place, condensation takes place at a faster rate, and residual water drips off occasionally. The quantity of water is so small that it gets dried up by the surrounding heat.

If you notice excessive water leakage, it indicates a problem that requires immediate attention. Read below to know why your AC is leaking water and how to fix this problem.

The Reasons Behind Water Leaking From Your AC ​

There are several reasons why you notice water leakage from your AC regularly. 

  • Dirty Filters: Every air conditioner has a filter. This filter collects the dust and dirt from the air and only allows clean air into your house. Therefore this filter needs to be cleaned and changed regularly. If the filter is too dirty and gets clogged, the evaporator coils of your AC will freeze and result in the spilling of excess water.

  • Blocked Drain Pipe: The drain pipe carries the water out from your air conditioning unit. If any blocks are present in these pipes, the water accumulates and will start dripping from the air conditioner’s body. 

  • Low Refrigerant Levels: Always make sure that there is enough refrigerant inside your air conditioner. The AC pressure will fall if the refrigerant levels are low. This leads to the freezing of the evaporator coil and the leaking of water after that. So make sure to put the required amount of refrigerant into your air conditioner as per its needs.

  • Damaged Condensate Tray: The condensed water is collected in the condensate tray of the air conditioner. If the tray is rusted, damaged, or broken, the water will pass through it and find its way inside your room when your AC is running. 

  • Poor Installation: Water leakage is often caused by the incorrect installation of your air conditioning unit. The condensed water will start dripping into your room if any gap is present between your unit and the condensate tray or if you have an exposed drain pipe. Ensure that your air conditioner is installed properly by trusted and legitimate AC installers in Ontario, NY

How To Fix This Problem Of Water Leakage?

Suppose you’re constantly facing the problem of water dripping from your AC and wonder how to fix it. Read below to know the things that you need to do to get rid of this problem.   

  • Check and ensure your AC filters are clean. A thorough cleaning will solve your problem if you find these filters dirty and clogged. 
  • Check your drain pipes and clear any obstacle or blockage that might prevent the water from draining. Once these blocks are clear, the water will flow out, and your leakage problem will end.
  • When your air conditioner installation takes place, ensure it is done properly. If you find any unexplained water leakage from your AC, go and check how your AC has been installed. And if you find any error in the installation, call a professional to fix your problem.


Getting  AC maintenance Ontario is always a good idea for your AC. The professionals will visit and ensure that everything is alright with your unit. Contact us at Green Guys Mechanical to get the services you truly deserve.