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Is Geothermal Right For You?

Does it make sense for me to move your home to a Geothermal Heating System?


With the increasing fuel costs and the availability of more advantageous incentives from the state and federal government, it has never made more sense to make the move to a Geothermal Heating system. There are some key factors that make it an easier choice for some than others. We are going to go over the basic facts that our team looks for in “Winning Projects” to simplify it for the folks that are currently evaluating options.

  1. Is your home using Propane or Fuel oil right now? Many homes are using propane or fuel oil and although very effective fuel sources, they are also very expensive in relation to Geothermal Heating and cooling and tied directly to the cost of a barrel of crude oil.
  2. Is your home on an acre or more of land? While this is certainly not a deal breaker for a winning project, it does make a difference. The choice between using a horizontal trench system or a vertical well system can make a huge difference in ROI because the drilling costs are much more expensive than excavation costs. Having enough property for a horizontal loop field is a significant advantage to the overall project and can reduce the ROI by 3-7 years in system payback.
  3. Do you have an existing air duct system in your home? The easiest retrofits are homes that have an existing air duct system that is sized properly to tie into.
  4. Are you trying to give yourself predictable long-term expenses in your retirement years? We are seeing more and more people investing into their future and trying to control long term operational costs for their home. When your system is 300-500% efficient, every dollar you save now, could be $4 in just 10 years if energy prices go up like they did in 2022.
  5. Do you expect to live in the home for 7-10 years? If this is the case, you will eventually pay for a Geothermal Heating system in your home whether you choose to buy one or not. We are regularly seeing ROI timeframes in the 4-to-7-year range. When we see that type of project the only time the client can lose money is by not making the choice to spend the money on the system. You will simply be paying your fuel supplier instead of yourself for the systems.
  6. Do you typically invest your money? A Geothermal System is an investment in your home that you will typically see over a 10% return on year over year.
  7. Are you worried about the environment and the future of your family? For every Geothermal System installed it is like taking two cars off the road. It is a very easy way to say that you care enough to make a difference.

If you are looking at these questions and many are relevant to your property, give us a call for your free consultation and estimate.