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Heater Repair Service in Ontario, NY

Modern HVAC practices are becoming extremely common in the 21st century. If you need a Geothermal expert or heater repair in Ontario, Green Guys Mechanical is the right choice to make. We proudly claim that we provide eco-friendly heating and cooling services in Webster, Fairport, great Rochester, New York, and surrounding areas. Staying comfortable in an environment-friendly way is now easy!

About us

With over 50 years of experience, Green Guys Mechanical specializes in all kinds of services that homeowners need regularly. Make a sustainable choice and go green today with us.

  • Heating services: Servicing, repair, installation in case a repair is not possible replacement of old and damaged parts or units, maintenance and tune-up for greater efficiency, regular servicing to increase the lifeline of the HVAC system.
  • Air conditioning: AC or cooling services available from Green Guys Mechanical are tuning up, monthly or quarterly maintenance, replacement, installation, and repair.
  • Other services: We have the option for cold climate heat pumps, along with ductless mini-splits required in smaller centralized apartments. Our specialization also lies in geothermal heating systems and solar PVs.

Contact Green Guys Mechanical for all your service needs.

Of all the heating contractors available, it ultimately comes down to your personal needs, which will lead you to choose the best furnace repair in Ontario, NY. Here are a few things we offer, making your heating and cooling experience better;

  • Reliability: We are reliable in that we schedule service as soon as you get in touch with us. Our professionals are always ready to arrive at your doorstep, inspecting the problem, diagnosing, repairing/ replacing. 
  • Who we serve: Our customers are from a wide range of places. We mainly serve residents, commercials including light commercials, and new constructions. The technicians can work at your new construction site to create a home that provides you with all the domestic comforts.
  • Financing options: Our financing options are available when you schedule a service with us or request an estimate. We will make sure to perform regular maintenance on a pocket-friendly budget. 
  • Expertise: There is a specialized professional for every service that we provide. Because heating and cooling systems are sometimes composed of various components, some technicians will only look after certain aspects. This is why our team specializes in various skills, where they perform efficiently without making mistakes.
  • Experience: Besides expertise, experience is important to detect issues in your HVAC unit. Whether it is a bad smell, sudden short cycles, or even bad quality air, our experienced professionals will detect the problem without delay. Your family’s safety matters to us.
  • Resources: Our resources include promotions, HVAC terminology, SEER calculator that helps you realize how efficient the heating or cooling system is, and HVAC Troubleshooter. 

We are here on all weekdays to deal with your problems Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Call us at 5856674828, or contact us on our website to request estimates today!