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How Often Should You Service The Furnace System?

When Do You Need To Schedule A Furnace Maintenance Service?

Maintaining a comfortable home requires a reliable HVAC system, particularly during extreme weather conditions. When the weather gets colder, your furnace works harder to keep you warm. It is very important to maintain your furnace to achieve this. Leaving excess debris and undetected issues may lead to serious problems later.

Most homeowners in Ontario wonder when they should service their furnace system as the seasons and weather change. Generally, HVAC manufacturers will recommend that you service your system annually, but it is also recommended that you service your heating system separately from your cooling system. 

It is, therefore, advisable to perform an air conditioning service every spring and a furnace service every fall before heavy use so that your equipment is in good working order. You need to look for a heater installation in Ontario.

  • Spike In Energy Bills

Sometimes your energy bill might have increased dramatically. Your furnace might need to be repaired or serviced if this is the case. By scheduling a professional furnace repair in Ontario with Green Guys Mechanical, you can reduce your heating costs and increase energy efficiency.

  • The Pilot Light Is Not Working

You might not have pressed the pilot light button, or the pilot opening may be clogged or not open. An annual maintenance check-up should include the following:

  • Cleaning the pilot light.
  • Raising the flame.
  • Adjusting the gas valve.
  • Reactivating the pilot light by opening it again.
  • Unusual Or Weird Noises

Your furnace may be breaking down if you hear pops and squeaks. A trained professional should check the unit to see if there is a loose piece inside. A simple tightening of all the bolts is usually all that is needed to restore normal operation.

  • Previous Date Of Scheduling Furnace Servicing

By scheduling service appointments ahead of time, you can help your furnace be ready for the season. An annual tune-up, troubleshooting common issues, or emergency furnace repair are some options you may want to consider.

  • Extended Life Expectancy

The furnace may need a thorough repair or replacement if it has lived out its life expectancy. Keeping your furnace in peak condition can be achieved with the help of a professional team of heating and cooling experts. In general, furnaces last 15 to 20 years. You may consider upgrading your HVAC unit if you haven’t done so since the 90s.

The Benefits Of Regular Furnace Maintenance.

The purpose of regular service isn’t just to reassure you that everything is working properly. You can also avoid premature breakdowns. A technician will check whether a part is still covered under warranty if it has a problem. Your warranty may expire if you put off service for a while. The furnace will last a lot longer if you keep up with maintenance.

To Conclude,

Having determined how often your furnace needs service, it’s time to choose the service provider you’ll use. Green Guys Mechanical is the right choice if you need quality service with a great deal of experience and expertise.

Besides offering furnace services, we also provide several HVAC services. Call (585) 667-4828 for annual furnace service in Ontario, Webster, Fairport, Greater Rochester, NY, and surrounding areas