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How Often Should You Service Your Air Conditioner?

Air conditioners make our everyday lives more comfortable and pleasurable in the summer. Without air conditioning, our homes would be hot and muggy, which will cause you to sweat and get stressed. 

Air conditioners perform many more functions than keeping your home or business property cool. They clean the air by removing particles, insects, doors, and even dangerous compounds. For your air conditioners to function correctly, frequent AC repair in Ontario is required. 

The Value Of Air Conditioner Maintenance

It’s essential to check your air conditioner frequently if you want to boost its life. It has a lot of advantages, including the following:

  • It makes the system’s operation and functionality easier. 
  • Avoid any massive problems.
  • Maintain effectiveness.
  • Over time, more energy is needed for your AC to operate properly.
  • Maintaining its efficiency through routine AC maintenance in Ontario will help you reduce your power costs.

When And How Many Times Should You Schedule An Air Conditioner Service?

Most air conditioning professionals recommend doing at least annual maintenance. The air conditioning specialist will thoroughly inspect the unit during the service to search for any problems, clean the filters and ducts, and ensure that the unit operates properly to keep your power costs low.

Schedule your yearly AC service a month or two before the warmest heat arrives in your location. You can ensure that the air conditioning will function when you need it most by scheduling your servicing at this time. 

Air Conditioning Unit Service Includes.

The yearly AC servicing process needs to consist of the following:

  • Testing the blower.
  • Inspecting the engine.
  • Examining the drainage line.
  • The operating pressures being examined.
  • Coil inspection.
  • Temperature checks.
  • Examining the amounts of refrigerant.
  • Examining the connections and supply cables.
  • Look into the compressor.
  • Examine the coil fins.

Scheduling an annual air conditioner service can help the air conditioning unit work efficiently. You should ideally clean the air filters every two weeks. By doing this, an increase in energy efficiency is avoided.

Given that there are several types of filters and the number of blockages they gather varies on usage, consult an expert in air conditioning to choose which filter to use.

Some filters are washable and reusable, while you can replace others with fresh ones. If cleaning the filters every two weeks is not practical. You should do it at least once a month for better results.

Choose Green Guys Mechanical For A Well-Maintained And Longer-Running AC System.

A professional should do air conditioner maintenance at least once every year. When you need your AC unit, this will ensure that it operates at its best. 

Remember that having the system cleaned and maintained will save money and prevent having to pay considerably more for major repair work. Lastly, you can save your monthly power costs by maintaining your air conditioner once a year. 

Green Guys Mechanical have a team of experts who are not just AC installers in Ontario, NY but also skilled in performing many other AC related servicing jobs. Contact us to get your AC installed with the help of a leading AC service in Ontario