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How Long Should One Wait Before Turning On the AC after Cleaning the Coil?

There are two types of coils in your air conditioner, the evaporator coils absorb the heat and humidity in the air, whereas warm air is expelled from your home through condenser coils. For maximum efficiency, both coils must be clean.

Why Is Coil Cleaning So Important?

To keep your HVAC system running, clean the air conditioner condenser unit coil once a year. But if you haven’t taken care of the unit initially, you may need to clean it more frequently.

If you don’t have an HVAC maintenance plan, cleaning the condenser coils is smart. After coil cleaning, how long must you wait before turning on the air conditioner? This is a vital question. Continue reading to learn more about air conditioning services in Ontario.

Note that if your unit is located where cottonwood trees or dandelions grow naturally, you may need to clean it more regularly than once or twice a year because they are the leading cause of clogging. You won’t have to open the unit until later, and you’ll be able to leave the problem to the air conditioning servicing pros in Ontario.

How To Clean Condenser Coils?

  • Turn off the thermostat as well as the main power switch.
  • Examine the unit for any damage; contact AC repair specialists in Ontario as soon as possible if you notice any severe damage.
  • Remove any leaves or dirt from the outdoor unit.
  • Straighten up any bent fins.
  • Carefully remove the top of the device.
  • The fan motor could be mounted on the top.
  • The top should be placed where the fan blades and wiring will not be damaged.
  • Clean the debris and dirt out of the bottom of the unit with a vacuum.
  • Vacuum the fins lightly with the brush attachment.
  • cleaning across the fins can bend them, so use an up-and-down motion.
  • Wait 5 minutes after spraying the outside of the fins with a coil cleaner or a detergent/water mixture.
  • Rinse the coil cleaner gently with water using a garden sprayer.
  • Spraying the fan motor is not a good idea.
  • Reassemble the system and turn on the main power switch.
  • Set the thermostat to cool.
  • Go outdoors and listen for any strange noises; don’t hesitate to contact us right once if you hear anything.

After Cleaning The Coil, How Long Should One Wait?

  • After examining the interior and outdoor equipment, one can turn on the system to test it.
  • Turn the system “on” at the thermostat after decreasing the temperature to the appropriate level.
  • For the outdoor unit, listen to ensure that the condenser fan is running and not making any unusual noises.
  • The system is removing warm air.
  • Therefore the air coming out of the top of the unit should feel warm.
  • Allow the system to run for 10 to 15 minutes or until you see a reduction in the indoor temperature in all house areas.

Preventive maintenance saves money as well as time. Nobody wants to waste time on problems that could have been avoided! Call Green Guys Mechanical at 585-667-4828 or email us to learn more about AC repair in Ontario.