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Boiler Repair Service in Ontario, NY

Hot water is essential during winter. From personal hygiene to cleaning clothes, utensils, and the house, we need water daily for different needs. This requirement gets fulfilled with the boiler installation. There are two common types of water boilers, i.e., gas boilers and oil boilers. Both work the same way, but the only difference is the heating source.

The gas or oil valve of the boiler transfers fuel to the combustion chamber. That chamber creates heat by combusting the fuel. This heat circulates in the pipes connected to the boiler. As a result, heat gets absorbed by the water in the pipe. After this process, you get hot water through the radiator. 

Common Reasons for Boiler Repair in Ontario

Like any other HVAC system, a boiler also sometimes shows odd symptoms that indicate a need for repair service. These boiler repair symptoms are:

  • Noisy Boiler: A boiler should function without making any noise, but if it produces weird noises, it needs immediate attention. Some malfunctioning noises are gurgling, whistling, clunking, banging, etc. These sounds result from inaccurate water pressure and fan or pump damage. You will have to contact the technician to fix your noisy boiler.

  • Releasing Smells: If your water boiler releases foul odors, the most prominent reason is a carbon monoxide leak. This leakage is extremely harmful to health. If you ignore the foul smells and continue using the boiler that is leaking carbon monoxide, you will experience nausea, headache, and breathing issues.

The situation can get worse than this. Another symptom that indicates a carbon monoxide leak is the flame turning yellow. You should contact our technicians for boiler repair in Ontario immediately. You may need a boiler replacement to solve this issue.

  • Leaking Boiler: As the boiler works by using water, you may feel some leakage is common, but it is not. The ignored water leakage can ruin your house infrastructure and damage the walls and floors. It will later cost you expensive damage repairs. Inspect the boiler and find the leaking source to get it sealed before the situation gets out of hand.
  • Increased Bills: There are two primary causes of excessive electricity use by the water boiler and growing heating costs each month. Either your boiler is too old, or it is leaking. The leakage can be fixed with a boiler repair in Ontario. However, you will need to install a new boiler if its age is the reason for expensive heating bills.

Boiler Maintenance Tips to Prevent Repairs

Bleed the radiator valve to release the trapped air.

  • Make sure there is sufficient space around the boiler.
  • Inspect the insulation from time to time.
  • Check the water pressure at the pressure gauge and make sure it is accurate.
  • Contact our technicians for repair as soon as you experience any of the mentioned boiler malfunctions.
  • Never skip annual boiler services.

These tips will help you reduce the need for repairs. However, if you do require repair, Green Guys Mechanical is here to help you. We aim to make HVAC systems highly efficient for the betterment of the environment. We also provide specialized geothermal services. Contact us to get thoughtful and reliable HVAC services at reasonable prices.