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5 Different Types Of Heating Systems

Numerous heating system options are available if you have an outdated unit that must be replaced. Heating systems are available in various types and sizes to suit your needs. Our heating contractor in Ontario will help you find the suitable one based on your house structure and needs.

Different Heating Systems That You Can Install In Your Home

Here are some heating units that most homeowners prefer in Ontario:

  • Boiler: The first type of heating technology is a boiler heating unit. This system circulates hot water through radiators around the house to generate heat. This technology, often known as a hydronic heating system, runs on gas or oil. Central heating is ideal for homes in colder areas because it evenly distributes heat throughout the structure. Boiler heating systems are also less expensive than forced air heating systems. While the long-term cost is lower, the repair and installation are more expensive because of the various pipes involved.

  • Furnace: A furnace heating system is used in the majority of homes. This system transfers heat to the air by combustion and distributes it around your home via ducting and vents. Furnaces are also powered by oil or gas. A single thermostat controls the majority of furnaces. Furnaces are relatively inexpensive to operate and build, making them ideal for long winters. Moreover, if you maintain your furnace unit properly, it can run for a long time and let you avoid expensive furnace repair services in Ontario.

  • Heat Pump: A heat pump system is a dual HVAC system that can also be used in winter and summer. It leverages electricity to warm chilly air from the outside. Heat pump systems are zone heating units, and you can install an indoor air handler where you need comfort in the residence. These systems are more efficient than those that use oil or gas. To avoid contacting a furnace repair expert in Ontario frequently, heat pumps are a great option for replacement.

  • Electric Radiative Heating: Electric radiative heating is very popular in small and older buildings. Electric heating elements that glow red-hot when a current is passed through them are used in these heaters. This heat then heats the air in your home, keeping you comfortable. It’s incredibly easy and, in many instances, hugely efficient.

  • Geothermal Systems: It is the most energy-saving alternative for a heating system. The device gets its heat from the ground and consumes water from ground wells. These systems require little electricity and are an excellent way to reduce utility expenses during the harsh winter.
    One thing to keep in mind is that the installation cost of a geothermal heating system is significantly more than that of other conventional solutions.

Bottom Line

The most frequent type is the furnace system that uses forced air distribution, but other types, such as zone heating, are becoming increasingly popular. It is best to ask a professional heating contractor in Ontario what heating system would be best for your residence.

Experts at Green Guys Mechanical are ready to help you find the perfect heating system for your home. We will suggest the best heating system that fits your residence and budget if you call (585) 667-4828 and make an appointment with our experts.